ICS MGL 40mm Airsoft Multiple Grenade Launcher

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ICS MGL 40mm Airsoft Multiple Grenade Launcher


ICS MGL 40mm Airsoft Multiple Grenade Launcher for only £2.09
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ICS MGL 40mm Airsoft Multiple Grenade Launcher

The Multiple Grenade Launcher is a lightweight 6 shot 40mm Airsoft grenade launcher. It emulates the real steel with its sideways swing-out chambers making it easy to load. The weapon has a thumb-level safety switch. It also employs an M4 type stock which makes the weapons length adjustable from 63 to 73cm. The stock also has an adjustable angle with 3 positions, useful for shooting at long range or over barriers. With a full set of four rails on the front and a rail right on top, this weapon is equipped to take extensive accessories like iron sights, a red dot sight, lasers, flashlights and grips. The weapon comes with a vertical grip as well, a quick detaching type with a pressure pad pocket..

The spring mechanism winds up and deploys enough rotation for six rounds and then after the final one it locks in place and the trigger will not complete a full pull. There is an external latch to release spring tension without firing. This is useful for releasing spring tension prior to packing it back up

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