Mini Comp 224

Winner is: Andrew Chybalski

Ticket number: 38

Won via the live draw on 25/07/2021

Mini Comp 224


3 x ASG Airsoft BB, Open Blaster, 0.28 3300 pcs for only £1
Only 40 tickets available!

3 x ASG Airsoft BB, Open Blaster, 0.28 3300 pcs

A Premium BB, quickly becoming one of our Top sellers, suitable for nearly all AEG’s, Pistols including those fitted with Tightbore barrels.

The New Environment Friendly Airsoft BB for Pro Games. Finally you can go green while maintaining accuracy and consistency in your Airsoft gun. Manufactured to exact dimensions within a +/-0.01mm tolerance. This environment friendly BB will shoot tight groups at long distances. Nontoxic and safe for people and environment tested according to EU and US regulations. The BB’s contain PLA, a thermoplastic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, or sugar cane. PLA biodegrades in the presence of primarily moisture and oxygen.

Prize proudly supplied by Ammo Drop

Free postal entry available, please see T’s & C’s.


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