Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Shotgun Wood Stock

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Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Shotgun Wood Stock


Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Shotgun Wood Stock for only £2.89
Only 175 tickets available!

Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Shotgun Wood Stock

870 Shotgun Replica Wood Stock Type

M870 shotgun replica by already a classic, Japanese Tokyo Marui will be quite a treat for every fan of CQB skirmishes (and not only!). The replica is equipped with three internal barrels, which allows it to fire depending on the setting: from 3 to 6 BBs at the same time! 6 mm ammunition is loaded into a shells replica with a capacity of 30 BBs, which is then placed inside the bullet chamber – this provides an additional dose of realism and possibility of the execution of an effective reload – “shell” of the used up shells is ejected by itself from the chamber upon the release of the lock.

Green Gas container is located in the stock in the form of retractable magazine. The system is very economic and efficient in usage – one gas load can last for around 100 shots! Intuitive operation is facilitated by the placement of the safety and chamber plate release button next to the trigger guard.

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